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We're in development of:

Andrêssa dos Santos - Never Left - Music Video

Never left is a song made by a brazilian singer Andrêssa dos Santos and will be shooting on the end of July here in London city.

Genre: Pop

Language: English

Saint Ivy - Supermania Music Video

Denise Spironello better knowing by Saint Ivy is a Brazilian / Italian singer based in London city. House Music is her style and this will be her 1st single turne into Music Video.

Genre: House Music

Language: English

Uncovering the Illusion

Written by Emerson Pinheiro

Directed and Produced by Emerson Pinheiro

Genre: Thriller

Location: London - England

Shooting dates: April - June - 2019

We're looking for sponsorship!!!



Supporting our project will benefit all parties involved. Although many Filmmakers and Production Companies gear themselves towards the Thriller Movies and the like. We're unique to the fact our storyline and this film has many real life experiences and elements within, which in turn, expands to reach our fans in a profitable Thriller Film. We have an extremely gifted crew with minds to propel us on the next level.

All our projects has been pass on severals film festivals around the globe. This can give to you company a unique opportunity to be seen by tons of people on the film industry entertainment. We are looking for sponsorship to help to make the all process of the movie also to secure film distribution. Uncovering will be distribute to cinemas in Uk, all Europe, Brazil and United States territory too.


We're producing Andrêssa and Sanit Ivy, two great young talents on the music industry. After finish the editing stage of the Music Videos, the video will be showing on lots of social media, on tv channels also we will sign with one big music distribution company too.

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